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Jesus declared that all the law and the prophets are categorized around two major themes:  loving God and loving one’s neighbor (Mt. 22:36-40).  The Ten Commandment align with these two meta-narratives.  Commandments one through five outline general principles on how we rightly love God, while commandments six through ten address categories of laws on how we justly and lovingly deal with our neighbor.  The outworking of the ten divisions of commandments into life applications is commonly defined as Case Law.  Wisdom gained from study of the Ten Commandments and the Case Laws contained within the Bible guide the church in giving a response to situations that arise in modern-day society. 

In an attempt to help believers gain knowledge, grow in understanding, and advance in wisdom, I have begun the School of Biblical Law.  Pull up the weekly video, download the PDF, and study along. I have begun the school by looking at the concepts of law and grace and how these two major truths complement one another rather than standing in opposition to one another.  Study alone or join with a group of your friends as you follow the School of Biblical Law.

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Check out Dr. Patti's Newest Initiative in the State of Illinois


The Kingdom Congress has been established to facilitate a forum for Christian leaders to discuss issues that relate to Illinois, to determine God's will about those issues from searching the Scriptures, and to release those determinations in the form of written documents and prayer decrees.  The Bible grants authority to the church by stating: "Whatever you shall bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you shall loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven" (Mt.18:18, NAS).  The Kingdom Congress shall seek to obtain counsel from theologians, historians, business persons, government officials, plus other lay and professional people who shall comprise the congress for the purpose of gaining wisdom about pertinent topics that relate to the people and policies of the state.  The goal of the council shall be to release the decrees of heaven through the decrees of the Kingdom Congress. 


For complete details please visit:  www.kingdomcongress.com

Introducing a New Line of Children's Products

I am beginning a new line of books for children.  For years, I have taught the Scriptures to both adults and children.  I have ministered in bible colleges, church pulpits, secondary school bible classes and in children’s settings.  I have had to learn to adapt my delivery for various environments and to different levels of spiritual maturity.  The accumulation of these experiences has caused me to desire to expand my book writing beyond adult-level theological books.  I am excited to take theology and frame it into a medium for children.  My inaugural book is entitled, Sammy the Shepherd.  It is the first in a trilogy of Christmas books on the birth of Jesus.  Sammy the Shepherd is available for this Christmas, 2014.  Marty the Magi and Archie the Angel, the other two books in the trilogy, will be available Christmas, 2015

Featured Product

Sammy The Shepherd

Dr. Patti is pleased to introduce her new children’s book entitled Sammy the Shepherd.  This delightful story looks at the birth of Jesus through the eyes of a young shepherd boy, who is instructed by the angel to go to the manger and find the baby.  Sammy discovers the True Shepherd and, as a result, understands the true nature of his own shepherd’s role.  Parents and children alike will be delighted by the inspirational story and the vivid illustrations.  Written in rhyme, this book promises to become a Christmas favorite.

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School of Biblical Law: Join me for our 10th module in the Covenant & Law series.  Click here for this week's lesson.

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